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New to Hot Yoga?

Unsure what sets hot yoga apart from regular yoga? It’s all about the body and mind. Peak Physique Hot Yoga is practiced in a heated environment, typically between 35–40°C for our hot classes, and 26–28°C for our warm classes. This aids in warming up the muscles and allows for deeper stretches.

Hot Yoga practice can lead to increased flexibility, improved muscle strength, and enhanced cardiovascular health. Additionally, the heat encourages sweating, promoting detoxification. Many Hot Yoga practitioners report reduced stress levels, heightened mental clarity, and a stronger mind-body connection.

Visit one of our studios to explore the advantages of Hot Yoga and experience its positive effects on your well-being.

Class Styles

So we can offer local communities of yogis exactly what they want, Peak Physique Hot Yoga teaches a number of signature sequences, as well as some studio-specific specials. You can get a taste of some of our class styles below, or check out the class styles offered in your local home of hot yoga – Brighton (SA), Noarlunga (SA), Prospect (SA) or Underwood (QLD).
90-minute class for Bikram Yoga lovers looking for transforrmative gains, weight loss and strength building.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
Mindful class suitable for intermediate and advanced levels that focuses on static postures, alignment and mindful breathing in a heated room.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
Our signature class featuring dynamic sequences with sun salutations, push-ups, static postures and Savasana.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
A strong Vinyasa sequence using breath and movement to fire up the core, build strength, activate muscles and detox.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
A combo of Vinyasa and Yin to warm up the body and increase flexibility with deep stretches for joints.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
High energy calorie-burning class with synchronized breath and movement, featuring unique postures and sequences.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: All Studios
Energetic blend of hot yoga, mat Pilates and HIIT with signature yoga movements that enhances core muscles and metabolism, followed by Savasana meditation.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Hot • Available: Prospect & Underwood
Calm energy and breath awareness during slow, smooth asanas, connecting mind and body.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Warm • Available:
Similar to Hot Physique, perfect for transitioning to more intense hot classes with lower intensity and gentle sun salutations and floor postures.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Warm • Available: All Studios
Sweat-inducing and foundational strength building with dynamic mat movements targeting specific muscle groups.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Warm • Available: All Studios
Thoughtfully sequenced blend of Vinyasa Flow and passive Yin poses to balance energy.

Suits: Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Warm • Available: All Studios
Slow-paced modern style that holds postures for extended periods, improving joint circulation and flexibility without added heat.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Warm • Available: All Studios
Body-breath connection focused class warming up muscles and inducing sweating, without infrared heating.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Non-heated • Available: Prospect
Express 45min mindful practice with static postures, breathwork and a slower pace that focuses on alignment.

Suits: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced • Temperature: Non-heated • Available: Noarlunga

What Our Students Are Saying

“Best local hot yoga studio! Inspiring instructors who connect and challenge you.”

Hanna Ryan

“Absolutely amazing staff, awesome yoga options and a vibe that can’t be beaten.”

Lisa Muller

“The teacher’s go out of their way to help you have a wonderful time.”

Leon Sullivan

Open a Studio

Peak Physique Hot Yoga offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in owning their own hot yoga studio. As a franchise partner, you will have access to all of the strategies and support needed for a successful fitness-based yoga business.

Not only will you have the chance to be a part of the Peak Physique Family, you will also be helping others achieve their weight loss, detox, and general well-being goals.

Peak Physique’s franchise system is different from others in that it is mostly open in the mornings, late afternoon and early evening, allowing you to have more time for your personal life. The low entry cost makes it an affordable investment for anyone to start their own studio and begin their new career.

Partnering with Peak Physique Hot Yoga gives entrepreneurs and investors the diversity they need to break into the health sector and expand their portfolios. Download the free information pack to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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Your first visit will be warm and welcoming. It’s normal to feel nervous for your first class, and it will be your most challenging, but we promise we will look after you. Arrive at the studio 10 minutes before class commences. We have bathrooms at all locations, reception area and a secure place to put your bag. Our instructors are very friendly and our clients are too! You will soon feel like family at Peak Physique Hot Yoga! We understand that coming to a new studio can be daunting so read on for a few hints and recommendations to make your visit as peaceful as possible.
You have three ways to book into a class – via our website or by downloading the Peak Physique Hot Yoga app or the MindBody Online app. Booking into a class is important to secure your spot as we do have some classes that are waitlisted.
If you see a class that you want to attend, but it is waitlisted, please do get on the waitlist. As the class time approaches we get cancellations and you will receive an SMS to confirm you have a spot in the class.
We recommend that you have a Yoga mat, towel and water. Your mat should not be a thick gym mat or camping mat as these will stretch and slide. We have Yoga mats for purchase if you would like to buy one, and some studios offer mats for hire for new students who are trialling with us.
If it is your first time at the studio, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the class commencing. This will allow you to meet the teacher and familiarise yourself with the studio and the amenities.

Parking may be available at some studios. Please check the ‘Important Information’ section of the studio you will be visiting.

For your first classes we recommend you place your mat either in the middle row or the back row. This will best allow you to observe your surroundings. HINT: The middle row is the hottest part of the room.
If the studio door is closed, the class has already started. Unfortunately you will not be able to attend this class. It is essential that you arrive before the scheduled class start time. To ensure all classes finish on time, we need to start on time. Prior to class commencing, the studio door is closed and locked, and will not be open until the class finishes. This is ensures the best experience for everyone attending the class, and offers our members safety and security as we do not have anyone monitoring the reception area.
We love when friends come to the studio together, but when you walk into the studio room, please remember it is a quiet area – be mindful of the students already in the room.
We recommend:
  • Wear active wear, just as if you were to do a fitness workout
  • Please consider those around you. If you’re coming direct from work, remember to freshen up – no one likes to spend an hour next to smelly feet or armpits.
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel and large drink bottle (or purchase them on arrival)
  • Keep your fluids up prior to class
  • No eating two to three hours before class – a light snack such as fruit is ok if you’re really hungry
  • No coffee at least five hours before class
  • Take the class at your own pace – there is no pressure to do every pose
  • If you need a rest at any stage during the class, feel free to sit or lay down on your mat
  • Take your first few classes in the middle or back row to best observe your surroundings
  • Get ready to sweat!
Yes, we sell yoga mats, towels and other accessories. Arrive early before class if you would like to purchase something, or speak with your teacher after class.
That is absolutely ok! We have many members who are just beginning their yoga journey. Most of our classes are welcoming to yogis of any level. We recommend our for your first visit – however you welcome to join us in any class. Our class styles include a guide of who they are suitable for – beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Yoga is an individual experience and our classes are designed to help you become more flexible. Everyone starts their hot yoga journey at a different point – embrace and begin from wherever you are. Our heaters will help you stretch deeper, and over time your flexibility will increase.
Our fitness-based classes require muscle strength and use all major muscle groups for the poses. The dynamic nature of the classes combined with heat stimulate blood circulation, increase calorie burn, and tone and strengthen the body. For weight loss and optimal fitness, we recommend two to three classes per week.
Our hot classes are 35-40°C. Our warm classes are 26-30°C. Our list of class styles include a guide to the heat setting of the studio.
Our infrared heating system uses similar technology to that used by the medical industry to assist with muscle repair, increased blood flow, flushing toxins from the body, speeding up digestion, regeneration of cells, and increased flexibility. Not to mention, it tightens the skin, improves complexion, assists with weight loss and, most importantly, challenges the mind to help you switch off and reduce stress and anxiety.
We ask that all our students are at least 18 years old.
Our certified instructors have experience instructing clients who may be carrying an injury. If you are injured, it is your responsibility to notify your teacher so they can provide appropriate assistance and modify poses for you.
Lay down on your mat. This will allow blood flow back to your head and give you a chance to recalibrate. When you are ready, rejoin the class. Take as many rest breaks as you need.
Consistency is the key. We recommend two to three classes per week to enjoy the positive effects of your hot yoga practice. Every little bit counts, so fitting a regular class into your weekly schedule is still beneficial, even if it’s only once a week.
Contact us today to start a conversation about opening your own studio.
We hope these points have been helpful in preparing you for our studio. If you feel that anything needs to be added please let us know as we want to make our studio as easily accessible as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions and see you on the mat soon!